fashion started out as a fashion blog, but it has mutated into its own little monster. Lets pay homage to our roots and oogle over these gems from Substitute. Get them here at nastygal. I went from worshiping my collection of sky-high Jeffrey Campbells to galavanting around the world in ballet flats, combat boots and neon colored sneakers.  But, I love these. A lot.


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These Deena and Ozzy patent leather oxfords were ‘cool’ back in March, but I just got my paws on them and I think they are fabulous. I mean really, the day-glow orange is so classy and timeless. My mom hates them.

Yeah, they literally glow.

And nails to match, obviously.

I love, love, love harem pants. Maybe it is because harem pants feel like no pants, and no pants are the best pants of all. Today was my first day off from school, work, partying and other obligations in god knows how long; I decided to buckle down and craft my little heart out. What did I come up with? Two pairs of harem pants. I went into this totally blind, I had no pattern to consult and my only pair of harem pants are a couple hundred miles away. I wanted to make a DIY post for you guys, but since I made this up as I went along it was a bit difficult to do this. I will come up with a pattern and document the making of my next pair.

So the first pair I made are two-tone with a paisley panel at the waist. These were relatively simple, with 4 different pieces of fabric and minimal seams:

The second pair got a bit more complicated. I used 8 different panels for a cool patchwork look. These are super rad and I am kind of obsessed:

Here is the more intricate pair in the making. As you can see, it really is a simple process. You just need a bunch of fabric and some patience. The waist is 40″ and it is 84″ wide at the feet. The bottom of the first panel at the waist is 60″… You can see how it tapers nicely.


I chose a simple draw-string waist and draw-string ankles so these pants will fit pretty much anyone. I mean it, the waist is 40″ wide and the leg openings are 18″ wide… I will make one more pair of this simple design and then I will start to experiment with some elastic, sequins, fur, l-wire..

I officially found the most amazing Etsy Store. Handmade unmentionables.

i will be reproducing these for my rainbow/fairy/angel/princess costume for Gratitude


corseted panties? yes please

jane fonda

man, her skirt is so short you can practically see her uterus

a see-through panel, frills AND unicorns? basically all of my favorite things in one pair of panties




Some of you may remember my girl crush post? Think of Bradley Soileau as Ira’s (also unattainable) male counterpart. drool. How on earth did I stumble upon this fallen angel? Well Ms. Lana Del Rey featured him in her Born 2 Die video. I can’t find it… but here are some photos in the meantime. [images borrowed from loonatics]

you can see more photos and an interview here

Slutty pig costume, satanism, sexy pig, ice truck killer nails, occupy satan, bathtub voyeur and golden cherub sculpture: some of the varied terms that direct unwitting internet perusers to my bizarre blog. What kind of site am I running here? it gets weirder and weirder by the day, and you are still reading? you have a sick mind. ;-)

anyway, are spikes still cool?

i love love love love the pink UNIF hell raiser shoe. i want them!


….but i love their selection of clothing. click on the images to check out availability. I especially like the UNIF good!








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