My next party is down in Philadelphia next month: 22 Thousand Beats Under the Sea. I want to be an angler fish. Mostly because i get to have a light on my head, obviously.

Can I make this sexy, comfortable and fun? yes.

What do you guys think? I can pretty much be anything my little heart desires, the recommended costumes are as follows: Pirate, Aquatic, Sci-Fi, Snork, Atlantean, Amphibian, Robot, Mayan, Alien, Merfolk, Siren, Tentacled, Astronaut, Egyptian, Mariner, GlamTech, Pornj.

hmmmm. gotta keep the mental butters churning.

I am probably going to do a few GlamTech posts, so here is the second! For all of you bunnies out of the loop, this was a fundraiser for Disorient- an NYC based burning man theme camp. I was fortunate enough to help my friend Amanda set up her art installation at the venue pre-event, and I got to bounce around and help with other odds and ends. The work that goes into these parties is absolutely mind blowing. I have only been in this community for a short time, but I am constantly amazed at the sheer amount of creativity, drive and talent that these people possess. So – here is to everyone that made this weekend possible – cheers. Love you guys.

Pre-event set up! if you look to the far left of the photo you can see the cool PVC/UV reactive installation that Amanda created and I helped assemble. It wasn’t the smoothest process, but we had a great time doing it and it turned out awesome. Damn Christmas lights.

Here is a photo that my buddy Jan snapped of the mayhem! Thanks for the great bracelet <3

The theme was ‘Magician’ so i went as the bunny that got pulled out of a hat.

this sequence of me dancing may be blurry, bit it epitomizes my night! so so so fun! Stay tuned for more updates. And thanks josh for the costume photos❤

So I got this in the mail today, straight from japan. I suppose I fancy myself some sort of harajuku girl. I mean, why not?

And want to know the the best part about it? (aside from the dusty rose color, awesome quality and flowing curls..) The pig-tails are REMOVABLE HAIR FALLS! awesome-sauce.

This post is image heavy and I saved the best picture for last!

Joshua and I have been slaving away all weekend, making all sorts of wonderful things. Here are some quick shots of my costume…

You may ask, What am I? Well. I am a space & time traveling bunny that got pulled out of a magicians hat. Duh.

Satin pornj cape with light pink faux fur, tassel closure, light weight fleece lining and pretty trim. with little peekaboo hearts on the inside.

Pink leggies, they match the fur around the hood. The trim matches my booty shorts, halter top and armies.

Here is the whole situation… wowzas.

Removable feather, bell and tinsel at the end of the ties on the halter top!

Bow-tie that I made for Joshua

Mask that Joshua made for me!

Heres a little sneak peak of the whole situation🙂

…fuzzy, glamourous utility belt!

Here is a photo of belt #1 & belt #2. My friends with an eye for detail will notice the differences! Its like one of the annoying games from the newspaper where you have to pick out the subtle changes between two images.

I made another (very similar) belt for Joshua. As you can see by the two photos above, On the 2.0 version I added heart detailing on the outside of the pockets and another clip on the back of the belt. The pockets are also a bit bigger to accommodate his massive smart phone, its pretty much a genius phone. I also figured out the eyelets so the closure is much cleaner and resilient.

Here are some photos of the process and the final product! I really improved upon my design and I can’t wait to make some more for my friends🙂 Who wants one??

I really like the raw edges, it makes it look much more organic and fun. I suppose I will start to play around a bit with trimming and such.

The belt is actually an upcycled nylon strap from a backpack ‘upholstered’ in material to match our costumes.

Blog Readers: Post a comment with your favorite colors and a little explanation of why you would love one of these belts! I will pick three names out of a hat and whip some of these up for a couple of my lucky followers🙂

…i spent the afternoon making this:

Its a belt. With two removable pockets, a corseted closure and a little hook for hanging all sorts of things.

The pockets have cute little heart detailing and snap closure!

I really, rrreeaaalllyyy like it🙂

Nylon straps make the pockets super durable and appropriate for 24 hours of mayhem in NYC.

Why did I make this, super shiny and fuzzy, functional (yet sexy) belt?

Its for a costume! (duh)


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